Manteca Beat Xmas Eve Party!

Paul Klemperer leads Manteca Beat in a swinging holiday party at Romeo’s Restaurant on Christmas Eve.  Come out for the food, the music, and the company.  Some special surprise guests will perform, including dancers!

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New York and Boston Tour Wrap-up

Jamming At Nagin House

I had a great but all-too-short East Coast tour last week.  I joined my friends in The Just Desserts to play two dates in New York and two dates in Boston.  On 11/19 we played a wonderful house concert in Pomona, NY at the Nagin House, then we did a fun show at Banjo Jim’s, a cool joint on E. 9th in the City.

Nagin House


While I was in NYC I got to see a fascinating exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design: The Global Africa Project.  If you’re in NYC check it out; a very creative approach to exploring the influence of African aesthetics in world culture.

I also was able to catch an inspiring world music show at Alwan For The Arts on 12/21.  Azerbaijani violinist Sabina Rakcheyeva, mixed western and eastern traditions, art and folk music.  The sound was delicate but passionate, blending violin, piano, oud, bass, clarinet and percussion.  Sabina and clarinetist Kinan Azmeh are both Julliard grads so there was a lot of western classical chops mixed with eastern micro-tonal phrasing, blends of Bach and Azerbaijani traditional melodies, middle eastern rhythms, and more.  I got a lot of ideas for my own compositions.  In fact, later that night, sitting in my sister’s hip little mid-town apartment, I wrote a piece with a 5/4 pulse that I copped from one of Sabina’s explorations.  You can check out her music at  Also, she’s not hard on the eyes…

In Boston I played two art spaces, getting lost on the way to both.  Boston driving is a never-ending adventure in time and space, as my parents will attest.  Even though they have lived there the greater part of their lives, the winding streets, chaotic one-ways, dead-ends, do-not-enters, cul-de-sacs, random construction sites, and dangerously reckless drivers make it a new and curse-worthy experience every time.

But all that aside, we had a great time, and the last show, a party at heARTspace collective in Jamaica Plain, was a high-energy finish to the tour, with a receptive crowd in an acoustically warm performance space.

I’m glad my folks could hear The Just Desserts in that perfect setting.

Then an old-fashioned turkey day with family and it was time to head back to Austin.  I was looking forward to an aggressive and invasive body search by the TSA (touch my junk, please!), but everyone was surprisingly mellow and unauthoritarian.  Maybe it was lingering tryptophan from Thanksgiving, but the result was I made it back home without incident.  Now on to December as the year rumbles to a close.

Paul Klemperer hosts Kickbutt Jazz Jam

The first Tuesday of each month Paul Klemperer leads an open jazz jam at Kickbutt Coffee (Airport blvd).  Musicians of all levels and ages are welcome to come play on a variety of jazz tunes. 8-11pm.

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My Exotic Other at Central Market north

Paul Klemperer and My Exotic Other host a winter holiday celebration.  For this special event the group is joined by special guests to combine original songs with festive songs from around the world. 6:30-9:00pm.

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Jazz Jam at Victory Grill

The last Tuesday of each month, Paul hosts a straightahead high energy jazz jam.  It al happens at the Victory Grill in east Austin, from 9-11pm.  Beer & wine available.  1104 E. 11th st.

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Sangeet Millennium @ Momo’s

Paul Klemperer adds the jazz to Indo-jazz fusion with Sangeet Millennium.  Every Tuesday is world music night at Momo’s.  This evening Sangeet Millennium plays 7:45-9pm, followed by the wonderful vocalist Naga Valli.

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Sangeet Millennium plays East Austin Studio Tour

The East Austin Studio Tour is a cool annual event where artists in East Austin open their studios for visitors to see cutting edge art and a variety of creative projects.  Musicians contribute their art to the festivities.  Paul Klemperer joins with Sangeet Millennium to play a set at the Artpost, 4704 E. Cesar Chavez Ave, 4:30-6pm.  Get your boho on!

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Sangeet Millennium plays Carver Museum

On Saturday Nov. 13 Celebrate Me! India, a day of India-related cultural events takes place at the Carver Museum.  The festivities start at noon.  Sangeet Millennium plays 3-4pm.

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